Red Bird


Red Bird

8″x10″ original art by Maria Kramer.
Im making these small paintings to present this weekend. Last weekend I sold three of them. They are like little gems. I sold them for forty bucks a piece even though they take as long to make as my large pieces that costs between 200 and 800. But i have have pieces that people can afford

red birds and red flowers

Out with the old stuff..making room for new paintings.  i painted over a recent painting, one that people liked but that I wasn’t excited about. I’m so glad I took that risk.CAM00130

three new works for the new year

original art by Maria Kramer

It’s My Turn To Fly

I spent new years eve and new years day trying to sell art to no avail…felt like crying. today at home resting anf painting. I’m really amazed how I don’t give up…either I’m crazy, driven or both.maria kramer art pointsoflight