Green Leaves-sold


I am inspired by the wonderful and wild growth of trees and leaves here in New Orleans. This is mounted in a reclaimed New Orleans window frame, painted on wood and later covered in resin. Continue reading

three new works for the new year

original art by Maria Kramer

It’s My Turn To Fly

I spent new years eve and new years day trying to sell art to no avail…felt like crying. today at home resting anf painting. I’m really amazed how I don’t give up…either I’m crazy, driven or both.maria kramer art pointsoflight

Another painting

I’m working fast here….thank goodness for public libraries!

I tried to post something 10 minutes ago.

I only have 4 more minutes left on this computer I’m using at the library

So much for the blog.

Here’s a pic of one of my new paintings.Image