Green Leaves-sold


I am inspired by the wonderful and wild growth of trees and leaves here in New Orleans. This is mounted in a reclaimed New Orleans window frame, painted on wood and later covered in resin. Continue reading

Tiffany Rain


Inspired by Tiffany glass and rain, this painting is mounted behind a reclaimed New Orleans window frame and covered in resin.Tiffany rain 5-21-2016 6-05-19 PM

Backyard Purple Sky


I find my window frames at our local Green Project store. Each one has its own unique soul and I spend some time getting to know each frame before deciding what to put inside it.

This one is available. For more information please contact me at singerspace@yahoo.combackyard purple sky 5-23-2016 7-30-13 PM

red birds and red flowers

Out with the old stuff..making room for new paintings.  i painted over a recent painting, one that people liked but that I wasn’t excited about. I’m so glad I took that risk.CAM00130