Night Life: Red-throated Hummingbird


night life: Red-throated Hummingbird

Acrylic on 16″x20″ loose canvas. Price includes free shipping in the U.S.A.


red throated hummingbird

Bluejays Hunting

Bluejays Hunting

bluejays hunting

This acrylic painting on loose canvas measures over 18″x24″. Inspired by the bluejays that hang out in the trees in my backyard. They are so smart and beautiful.


Blue Heron in the Marsh

Blue Heron in the Marsh

Blue Heron in Marsh

Inspired by all the life in the swamps near New Orleans. The acrylic painting measures 18″x24″ and is on loose canvas.


Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly

Crows are some of the smartest birds on our planet. They seem to have great personalities too. This painting is on a 12″ diameter wood panel, stretched over with canvas, painted with acrylics with a wax finish. Shipping in the USA included in price.