Maria Kramer’s Art Gallery

5 thoughts on “Maria Kramer’s Art Gallery

  1. Hey Maria – I saw an ad on C.L. a coupla months ago and was wondering if you found the guitar player you were looking for and if you’re playing out yet. You’ve got a great voice (as per your recordings) and I’d love to catch a show w/my girl friend when you do. Let me know! Thanks


    • Thanks Doc,
      I’m not sure if I responded to your november 2010 comment. I rarely look at my website. In answer to your question: no, I haven’t found my guitarist/pianist yet! Hit and miss. I have advertised, but I end up with players who just need more experience and chops.
      I go scouting once in awhile, club to club, listening for my band members. Thanks.


  2. Hi Maria. I bought one of you paintings at the French Quarter Fest on Friday. It fits perfectly. I would love to get another piece like we discussed, 3 pieces. Thanks, Catherine


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