About Maria Kramer

I am an artist living and working in the great music city of New Orleans. I am part of an amazing group of artists whom display their art in historic Jackson Square. I have been a singer most of my life, but at this time, all I strive and want to do is create visual works. I came here a year after Katrina to help in the recovery efforts. I came by way of Seattle and my long term residency of San Francisco. I didn't plan to stay....but here I am. I used to sing in clubs in San Francisco with a jazz trio or quartet, received my Bachelor of Music, vocal performance from San Francisco State University. Over the years I have sung in obscure operas, in an eclectic circus, performed as a fire spinner and composed electronic music. Now I create music with brushes and paint. I long to find beauty around me, even when it is hard to find.

Random Copper Energy-SOLD

24″ x 48″ x 3″  Acrylic and Resin on Wood. $1700 contact artist singerspace@yahoo.comCOPPERABSTRACT


It’s Hot in New Orleans

I had my roommate take this photo of me with Cosmic Waves to allow people to see the scale.  I am 5’2″.  Funny but when it is really hot and humid in New Orleans, I tend to make art that mimics water.  Not so strange really.  The work simply reflects where I want to be:  in water! I do love the ocean and miss living close to it.  If you don’t know this already, Louisiana doesn’t really have beaches. You have to drive over to Mississippi or Alabama to get some nice beach time.  Lucky me, soon I will be in San Francisco for 12 days to show my work at the gallery, Art Saves Lives, on Castro Street.  A break from the heat and humidity and time with my kids and friends has motivated me to go there this summer.  While there, I will make a trip or two to put my toes in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.MARIAWITHART2018