The Pressure is on Baby

Last night I took a break from my hibernation and walk to Buffa’s to get a world-class sandwich and a drink.  I was surprised to see the same band I saw on Saturday night-the Jazz Vipers. Though there is only on person in the former band.  Jack Fine quit three months ago and now has his own band.  And the great rough voice of Jim? and sax player hasn’t been heard from in weeks. Like all bands, you can find a replacement, but if most of the original players aren’t with the band-the management most likely will cut you out.
Still, this new group put on amazing sets. I didn’t jump in to sing. I just wanted to kick back and listen.
Meanwhile, selling stuff on Ebay (what a pain in the ass!) and on craigslist to come up with rent and food.
Who knows? I may get to Seattle in August if I keep on kickin ass.

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