Last night open mic at Buffa’s

Last night I walked one block from my apartment to join the Wednesday open mic at Buffa’s-one of the local favorites for food and drinks.  I had no idea what to expect.  I brought my music book-full of jazz charts and two decorative art pieces I was ready to sell for cheap.  I needed money for cat food, toilet paper and coffee.  The art pieces I have up on Etsy and hanging on the walls at Green Serene are happily waiting to be adoped.  Meanwhile, I have to continue to get out there, sing and meet musicians.

It was really cool.  At first there were only 2 people there.  The bartender/pianist-DR and violinist Mia.  The bar tender told me that no, he wasn’t going to play behind me and well, “This isn’t Karioke (sp?) so I would have to either sing accapella or try to play the piano.  I’m not a pianist-I play a little-AT HOME.  It worked out that a guitarist in the audience offered to back me on “Me and Bobbie McGee“.  It was really fun. I’m enjoying getting out of my comfort zone of tradional jazz.  Some really nice people from Canada bought my two Victorian fleur de lis paintings, I heard and met some great songwriters/musicians.  One guy blew me away with his version of Madonna’sLike a Virgin“, done soft and sultry. His nephew, in town from England, played a wicked Irish flute and bones. Wish I had written down their names.

Natasha Sanchez, aka Nattie, played her blue guitar and sang her very funny and cool songs.

A dear friend of mine, Justin, came over to hear me and brought his new, fancy i-phone.  He videotaped the whole show.  I want a copy, though I sort of dread seeing myself on video!

Home by 10:30pm with cat food and TP and inspiration to write more songs!

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