Last night gig at Village Cafe

In terms of music: it went very well. The groove wasn’t really there but I got into it and had fun. At one point I noticed that the heel of my shoe was on the floor!  I picked it up and started singing some totally made up blues song and the band joined in. That was probably the best song I did.

Most of my friends didn’t show and there was a group that saw my flyer that stayed the whole time.

I had hired a bass player some time back-didn’t know him and really wondered if  he was good or for that matter a true jazz player. Well, when he walked in I was shocked. I have heard him play with different bands over the last 3 years and he is awesome.

Jack Fine was a little late showing up-he was stuck in traffic coming over the Mississippi Bridge. Then he was upset that the cafe didn’t serve alchohol…so he left to go get some booze to put in his coffee. For those who don’t know him, he is an icon in the jazz scene….80 + young, amazing trumpet player and a friend of mine. 8 months ago he had emergency heart surgery and it took him some time before he could play again. For the last 4 months he has been playing gigs almost every night. Starting today he has to prepare for surgery another surgery on Monday. He says, but doesn’t specify, that the news from his doctor is not good.

I have to stay on this path of getting out there and getting gigs. I hope Jack will be alright.

Forgot my camera and recorder last night.

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