Getting over myself and singing again!

verythoughtof you mp3

Finally! Getting my INFO out there. Again. What’s the point of handing out biz cards when your website is down! After a 4 year hiatus from singing publicly, I surrendered to the inevitable: I have much singing to get out me and it must be shared. I’m tired of people asking me if I am gigging. When I say no, I get the same response. What?? You live in New Orleans now, you are a jazz singer…why aren’t you singing?

I have grown tired of my lame-ass excuses. I don’t believe them anymore. The music here is amazing and I am known to just belt out the song the band is playing from wherever I am sitting or standing in the club. I’ve been invited by musicians who have heard me to come on down and sit in on such and such a night at a club and what did I do? Nothing.

But after a touch year of unemployment/employment/unemployment, being broke and learning how to stay positive and believe in myself, I come back to my singing.Ā  It comes from a whole new place now. The music samples I have on this site are from the past, but that’s all the recording I have. I can’t wait to get out there and bring my new stuff to the public. It’s looser, grittier, and has the gospel/ R&B influence that is part of me. New Orleans has brought me back to my roots. This jazz is not as introspective but more outwardly expressive. As soon as I get myself recorded here, it will be right here.

No more excuses baby. Thanks to my voice students who inspire me!


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